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Colostrum Chewable 80 Tablets-Immunoglobulin IgG Milk Protein Calcium Vitamins Support General Well-being Immune System


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Bovine Colostrum 600mg 80 Chewable Tablets Milk Protein Calcium Sodium Vitamins Support General Well-being

Product Name: bovine colostrum milk tablets

Main Raw Materials: bovine colostrum powder, whole milk powder, edible glucose, sucrose, lactose, magnesium stearate

Ingredient Content: per 100g containing: immunoglobulin IgG 3.5g

Health Care: Enhance immunity

Suitable People: those with low immunity

Not suitable for the crowd: infants

Edible method: 2 times a day, 2 tablets each time, orally

Product specifications: 0.6g / piece × 80 pieces

Shelf life: 24 months

Main function:

Improvement in your body's natural immune system

Increase in your body's energy level

Stimulation in cellular growth

A likely decrease in stress level

Improvement in your complexion

Suitable For:

Growth and development of children;

Enhance physical strength, endurance athletes;

Postoperative recovery after illness and people.

Pregnant women, lactating women.

Poor gastrointestinal function, easy to diarrhea.

Poor resistance to colds, need to improve the immunity of the crowd.

1. Full refund if the following 3 conditions occur during transport:
a. If the items cannot be delievered within 75/90 days after dispatch;
b. If the items are hold by the custom and can't make customs clearance;
c. If the items occurred damage during the transportation.

2. How to ensure product quality?
Received 14 certifications "United States, EU Pass", such as GMP, HACCP, CANS, cGMP, IS014000, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, US NSF certification, HALAL Certificate, etc. 
3. Can products be sent to my country?
Product interface, if you can place an order sucessfully, it means that it could be sent to your country.
4. About product packaging.
Due to the large quantity of sale in the world, the packaging changes frequently, such as the difference between packaging and bottles. We guarantee that the products sold are 100% genuine for the factory, you can buy and use with confidence.

5. About capsule softening, adhesion, etc.
BIOHEK capsule products are made of gelatin as a capsule material. Due to the gelatin properties or the weather in transportation, may cause capsule softening, adhesion, etc., it does not affect product quality. You can open the bottle cap of the product, put it in tithe refrigerator fresh layer, take it out after 1-2 days, close the lid and shake it to separate the capsules.
6. How long will it take to have a effect?
Dietary supplements are not medicines and can't cure diseases. It takes time to adjust for chronic diseases and sub-health conditions. The human body needs a certain metabolic cycle, which requires constant supplementation and assists in healthy living habits, which could improve health problems.


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